I get this question a lot, simply because I feel like I am an influencer in the online community for card games, specifically the Pokémon card game. I made tons of friends just browsing the many forums out there and being a part of the community into sharing all the information that I have. So believe me when I say that I do know my stuff when it comes to card games. I got asked this question after posting my very first post, which you can find in this link here.


The short answer to this question is that yes, I do play other card games. It can get pretty confusing playing multiple card games in the same time., Simply because there are so many rules to follow and different strategies to engage in. The first card game I like to mention is the Pokémon card game. After this one both off-line and online, since I do love the physical version of the game ever since I was kid, but I do also enjoy playing the game online with other friends that I have not met yet. This one gets a special mention because it is the first card game that I’ve ever enjoyed, plus it’s also part of the Pokémon franchise! What a great bonus that is.

The meat of this article comes from whether or not I play other card games. The other card games I love to play involves Hearthstone, Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh, and more recently Gwent. It’s going to be hard to detail all the rules here, and quite frankly that’s unnecessary as you guys can just look them up or see gameplay. But I do want to talk about why it play those games as it relates to the Pokémon card game, which I find the perfect blend of complexity and simplicity. You can literally choose how deep you want to get in terms of skill and strategy.




Hearthstone is one of those games that just boomed with population. Blizzard is a great company that takes pride in quality products for gamers to enjoy. Hearthstone, thankfully, is a free to play game with micro-transactions to help Blizzard out. Basically the game runs on offense and defense. Each monster card has an attack in a defensive attribute, and the game revolves around this concept. I personally love the game because of the elemental types that resemble Pokémon. Some cards do better against other cards well different cards may be weaker to other cards. On top of that, you do have hit points yourself. The goal is to destroy the other teams card and then eventually bring their hit point total zero.




Magic is pretty much the standard when it comes to card games. This is actually the second card game of ever picked up behind Pokémon. It is the standard because it does everything right, from complexity into skill as well as a bunch of card variety. The game has been out for so long that it just seems like standard to want to play this game. I feel like in some ways, and to also make this as brief as possible, Magic is the more complex version of Hearthstone. If you’re wanting a game where your hit points matter, definitely pick up Magic: The Gathering. It is a wonderful game that will take up hours of your time just to get good and understand the game. But when you do, it is so worth it and due to its popularity in the card game community, it would be hard not to find opponents to play.




This was the third car game I picked up after watching the anime. It is simple in concept but it may be hard to keep track of when playing in the physical sense of the game. Since there are plenty of hit points and calculations you have to do, this may sway some people away from the game. There are lots of mass in the game because one hit from one card may not completely destroy another card. Unlike other games, attacking with a card may result in the opponent having a weaker card total instead of just removing the card from play. Still, card game resembles closely to the anime. It really makes you feel like you’re dueling someone, which a lot of card games fail to capture.

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