This is an age old question. Whenever it comes to Pokémon, people always look at the standard three choices that you get when first picking up the game. You get to choose between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur. It’s important when dissecting this question to go over what is the popular choice. Most people go with either Squirtle or Charmander, leaving Bulbasaur out in the dust. I’d like to also clarify that none of these choices are “wrong”, per se, but it is “wrong” if you choose your selection based off of what other people are choosing or what you think is statistically the most powerful Pokémon. Personally, I feel like Pokémon is a game of connecting with these little pocket monsters and grown with them instead of just picking whatever will help you advance in the game.


So that is why would say my choice is Bulbasaur. Now, statistically, he is probably the worst starter to play the game  in, at least compared to Squirtle and Charmander. However, he is not entirely useless since he does have some special attacks that could help the rest of your team out. In fact, he is quite useful when advancing for the game. For example, here is an attack called Sleep Powder that you can learn. The move has a high chance of putting the opponent to sleep, allowing you to continue hurting them whether defense is low. The other two starters simply don’t have this move, as they are more defense and offense based.


I want to also revisit the idea that selecting Pokémon or catching Pokémon based on their statistical advantages or how popular they are among the community is simply a big no-no. You have to want to grow with your Pokémon, regardless of how we can maybe. The obvious metaphor for this is Magikarp turning into a huge Gyrados. I hate to use this as a metaphor, but it is right. Like I said, you do have to grow with your Pokémon, regardless of their statistical output. As you know, Magikarp is an almost completely useless Pokémon. Actually, it is a useless Pokémon with a useless move that can do anything until it actually evolves. However, when it does, it is so good. Gyrados is one of those Pokémon that can change the tide for your whole team, pun intended. So pick a Pokémon that you like, and try to make it good rather than picking a good Pokémon that you don’t like and just rolling with the game. The same thing goes not just with the videogame portion of Pokémon, but with the card game. When filling out your deck, and might be tempting to always want to pick the most powerful Pokémon. However, most of the game is balanced so picking the favorite instead of the best card means you still have a chance to win the game as long as you have the patience to play and out maneuver your opponent.


I’m not really sure where I wanted to go with this post, but I did answer the question and answer is Bulbasaur. He’s just so awesome and adorable, plus I love plant type Pokémon’s. He may not be the strongest of the bunch, but he does turn into an aggressive evolution version of himself in Venosaur. My opinion stands that you have to make with what you have. It may not be the strongest now, but if you are clever in your every move you can make anything work.

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